Ableton as Powerpoint?

Ableton Live = Powerpoint on Steroids

I have been working with Mr. Steve Beaman of the Steve Beaman Group and the “Society for the Advancement of Financial Education” to help him develop a method for using Ableton Live as a powerful alternative to Microsoft Powerpoint in his speaking engagements.

Why Ableton? Ableton gives him the ability to run video and audio, plus run VST plug-ins such as DMXIS to control lighting, all with a remote clicker or presentation remote.

My involvement included writing a Max patch which takes input from the presentation remote and converts it to a ‘Play Continue’ command that Ableton understands. I also showed him some tricks for creating a ‘control’ track which allows him to insert automated ‘stops’ in arrangement mode. I really enjoy it when I see people come up with cool alternative uses for Ableton.