Web and Graphics

SAFE.jpgThis is a website that I created for The Society To Advance Financial Education. It was developed using Drupal. I chose to use Drupal due to the complexity of creating various views for different membership levels. At the time, WordPress was somewhat limited in this area, or at least my capabilities were. I created the logos for the site as well as the majority of the graphics, and it continues to evolve.




joeymelotti_screenshot A blog I made for my friend, Joey Melotti, in WordPress.





new-terrain.pngFor this organization’s site, my only contribution was the logo. It was done in Illustrator.





tammys-art-screenshotThis website was built for my friend’s art gallery using Drupal.





pentagogicalbrass-screenshotThis is a site that was built for my friend, Karen to promote her brass quintet. I installed WordPress, showed her the basics and she took it from there. Good example of WordPress flexibility.




freedomschance-screenshotThis is another case where a friend wanted to blog but didn’t know where to begin. I set up a basic WordPress site for him and showed him what to do.




gatewaytoawesomenessMy son’s new site. I installed WordPress for him. Let’s see what he does with it.





dreadesigns-screenshotTime to re-do my wife’s website. I just installed WordPress. Let’s see what happens.